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"...How Does Our Garden Grow"

Yoagie Starts from Seeds

The Grow 

We begin our grow in our greenhouse with the finest hand selected high quality seed.  From there they are meticulously monitored until harvest.  Once the seeds are germinated they are planted in all organic, all natural potting soil.  When they emerge through the soil they are met with full spectrum LED light grow lamps which will keep the growing strong for the first couple of weeks.  These seedlings will be fed all natural OMRI organic supplements throughout each stage of their lives. The seedlings will only be transplanted once and will grow under 1000 watt high pressure sodium lights in order to get the best results.  The flower will be harvested at the perfect time when the trichomes are a full bright amber.  Only then will they be hand picked and hung to dry, sustaining a temperature between 68-75 degrees at 55% relative humidity.  When the moisture level is just right, they will be hand trimmed in order to preserve the resin and trichomes. We carefully place our trimmed flowers in mason jars to preserve the freshness and burp them everyday for at least a month to cure.  These beautiful flowers will then be ready for you the consumer,  fresh and  providing the quality that you would expect from a small family farm.

The Trichomes

Trichomes are crystal hair like growths that protrude from a multitude of plants.  They are the backbone for  Cannabidiol (CBD) production in hemp as well as the source of the flavor and aroma that distinguishes the plant strains.  Our focus on the Trichomes helps us to appreciate what people love about the range of different strains available today.  Trichomes serve a multitude of functions besides CBD production or flavor and aroma.  They are protectors, nurturers, and defenders of the plant.  They are so important in the growth and survival of the plant.   They regulate temperature,  provide defense, act as sunblock and even absorb nutrients.   Without them the plant would not be able to make it here on Mother Earth.  That is why here at Yoagie we do our best to preserve their resilience and brilliance.

History of Yoagie

        In 2018, twin brothers Julian and Jonathan  Redcross (the “Hemp Twinz”), had the idea to utilize a portion of the family farm for the growth of industrial hemp, and the construction of special grow areas for boutique farming and processing of hemp flowers for CBD production.  

     Yoagie Enterprises LLC ("Yoagie") operates its grow on the 100+ acre family farm in Caroline County, VA, situated in the eastern part of the Commonwealth of Virginia, bordered to the north by the Rappahannock River.  This farm was known for tobacco farming since the early 1950’s before converting in the mid-1970’s to the farming of today's  industrial crops such as corn and soybean. 

    Yoagie’s work ethic and diligent attention to quality, harkens back to the family's farm days.   We believe that the growing of  quality hemp will keep alive our legacy of serving others with a high caliber product, just as was the growing of quality tobacco for our forefathers. 

    Our fundamental purposes have been passed down from generation to generation:

    The recognition of a higher being;

    Taking care of Mother Nature’s gift, the land;

    Hard work for the good of family and community; and

    Leading a path for future generations to succeed.            

We are Yoagie!


Our Motto

    “From seed to flower...”
        We Grow
    “From harvest to you…”
        We Care
    “From body to mind…”
        We Heal

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